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October 2020 Newsletter SSUC

A Reflection From Rev. Karen

“Jesus told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed in with three measures of flour until all of it was leavened.”    Matthew 13:33


In this short parable Jesus offers us an interesting insight into the kingdom of heaven. It isn’t a place we go to some day, rather the kingdom of heaven infuses our everyday life. It can be experienced right now, in ordinary things like bread. When we let the kingdom work in us, our lives can be lifted and transformed.


As we celebrate Thanksgiving this month, I invite you to consider the ordinary things and everyday people who have given you a lift recently: laughter shared at a family meal, discussing a favourite book or movie with a friend, fresh garden vegetables, a cosey blanket to snuggle up in, a helpful person on the end of the phone. May we grow in awareness of the joy, the teachings, the goodness, the warmth, the guidance that is given to us and that we are able to offer to others, for this is the kingdom at work. God is with us. Thanks be to God.



We have returned to in-person worship in the sanctuary as of October 4th with a maximum of 50 people allowed. We request you mask for the service to allow for singing and participation in worship. If you cannot leave the mask on, please refrain from singing. Instructions for care of one another were included in September’s newsletter and are on our Facebook page, be sure to review them before joining us for worship.


Pre-registration is necessary, and our registrar is Richard Boulter. Please call him in advance so we can plan our seating chart: 902-658-2062.

Online services will continue to be offered. If you have a computer but are not part of Facebook, you can view the service on YouTube by searching South Shore United Church PEI. If you would like to join the church’s Facebook group send a request to Deborah Walsh.


Special Services

October 11th will be a combined service of thanksgiving and communion. If you are joining us online, please

          prepare juice and bread to share in the sacrament.

October 18th Christian Friends lead worship.

November 8th will be a Remembrance Service. There is no community service this year.

December 20th will include the sacrament of communion




During the pandemic, Services of Baptism will be offered as a separate service for families on Sunday afternoon so we can accommodate all the family members who wish to be present. If anyone is seeking baptism, please call Rev. Karen 902-940-6349.


Search Team

Our Search Team is working diligently on your behalf seeking candidates suitable to South Shore United Church. If anyone has a recommendation for the committee to consider please contact a member of our Search Team: Fran Albrecht, Richard Boulter, Heather Dixon, Vicki Francis, Darlene MacDonald, Tiffany MacPhee or Bloyce McLellan. Please hold them in your prayers as they carry out the work of searching for a new ministry personnel for SSUC.


Pastoral Care

If you know of pastoral care concerns, please share them with Rev. Karen 940-6349 or whichever pastoral care team members are on this month.

October – Heather Dixon & Richard Boulter are making phone visits on our behalf.



Our Finance Committee is very thankful for your response in sharing items for our fall fundraiser. Thank you to Catherine Ferguson for being the collection coordinator. Cathy Smith will now coordinate sales.


Attached to our newsletter is a listing of all goods and services that are available for purchase. On our facebook page visuals for each item will be shared for those who like pictures. Alternatively, you can search on YouTube South Shore United Church, PEI Fundraiser.


The minimum purchase price is indicated, but you are always able to give a higher amount. If there isn’t anything on the list that suits you, but you would still like to support our fundraiser with a donation - mark it “Goods and Services donation” and drop it off at the office or in the offering plate.


Tuning In To Nature

Join members of the PEI Symphony and Island Nature Trust for an afternoon of music in the outdoor world! Attendees will experience the organic merging of music and sounds of the natural world while embarking upon a 45 minute trek through the trails of Tryon, PEI. #85 Route 10, Tryon. Oct. 17. For information and tickets please reserve through Eventbrite at ttps:/








If you would like to purchase an item or service, please follow these steps:

1)      Call Cathy Smith 902-658-2717 to see if your item is still available.

2)      Indicate which items you will purchase, and Cathy will place your name beside that item.

3)      Drop your payment off at the office or place it in the offering plate, clearly marking what item and price you are paying.

4)      Contact the person whose item you’re buying and make arrangements with them to pick up what you have purchased.

Thank you for your support!



Donator’s Name

Goods or Service Offered

Minimum Price

Tom & Fran Albrecht


12 (16oz) jars of honey

$12 per jar

Richard & Linda Boulter



5 Loaves of Bread

2 Dozen Rolls


$5 each

John & Mary Heckbert



The Roadside Gallery & Café Gift Certificate



David & Cindy Harman


8lb Chicken


Joan Dawson



Dawson Seaside Cottages

3 nights & days June-Sept ‘21



Deborah Walsh


1 Hour Holistic Session


Jack Sorensen

Guided Tour of Tryon River Trail


Guided Tour of Tryon Museum – 8 people maximum

$10 per person

$20 per Family/Household


$10 per person

$20 per family

Jack Sorensen



12-14 inch wooden Serving Turntable (food safe finish)



Arlene Sorensen

1 pair White with colour mitts

For 2yrs

1 pair Pink mitts for 2 yrs

1 pair Yellow mitts for 3 yrs

1 pair Red mitts for 4 yrs

1 pair Yellow socks for 6 yrs

1 pair Pink socks teen size









Karen MacLeod-Wilkie




10 inch baked Cheesecake

Crockpot of Mexican Vegetarian Chili




Marie Paynter


Carrot Cake


Tiffany MacPhee



Handmade Black “Hello” Sign from Its Tiffs Design



Joan & Garth Rogerson

New 4PC Glass Bake Set – 3Qt and 2QT Dishes with Lids with 5yr warranty


Carrot/Fruit/Nut gluten free muffins with recipe


3 Large Butternut Squash


Antique Raymond Peddle Sewing Machine (75yrs+) perfect condition

 L-34” x W-18” x H 30”


Set of 3 – Land & Skyscape canvas pictures


Antique Mirrors – 1 Oval Light oak frame 35”x 22”

1 Rectangle oak frame with gold edging 27” x 31”


1 Catherine Karnes Munn Picture (Gaggle of Geese) 23”x14”













$50 or best price













Barb Clement


Exercise Bike valued at $1100


Catherine Ferguson


Gumdrop Cake


Dixon Farms

Beef Box – mix of Roasts, Steaks & hamburger



Susan MacKay


4 Dozen rolls

$5 per dozen

Rick & Cathy Smith

2 Bottles Red Wine 750ml

2 Bottles White Wine 750ml


2 Yarn Rolls each makes a hat with a pompom – pattern on label

$15 per bottle




$10 each




Darlene MacDonald

Package of ground turkey

Frozen in 1lb portions

$30 for the package

Kaye Morrison & her girls

Christmas baking box

Includes: 8doz different sweets, 4 loaves of bread &

1doz rolls


Date of your choice on or before Dec.22/20

Made by Ruth Walsh

Available at the office

Set of 3 red dish clothes

Set of 3 green dish clothes

Black infinity scarf

Blue scarf

Pink adult/youth mittens

Baby mittens

Children’s mittens with thumb







$2/pair (3 pink, 3 blue)

$3/pair (1 pink, 1 blue)