September 2022 SSUC Newsletter


Reflection by Fran Albrecht

Welcome September! It may not be apparent at first, but September is the month of new beginnings: a new school year for some, a filling in of calendars with volunteer days and hours, or the start of new jobs for others. September 11th is the beginning of Creation Time in our church calendar. Throughout this Season of Creation, we are on a journey toward healing our relationship with the planet. 


September is a month of abundance. Gardens, farmer’s markets and road stands overflow with fresh, healthy, local fruit and vegetables. Hedgerows and fields glow with vibrant colours of creamy Queen Anne’s Lace, blue Chicory, Black Eyed Susan’s, yellow Goldenrod, and purple Asters to name a few.


Robin Wall-Kimmerer, in her book Braiding Sweetgrass, reminds us that “we are showered every day with the gifts of the Earth, gifts we have neither earned nor paid for: air to breathe, nurturing rain, healthy soil, berries and honeybees, the tree that became this page, and the exuberance of a field of goldenrod and asters in full bloom. …For the Earth to stay in balance, for the gifts to continue to flow, we must give back in equal measure for what we are given. Our first responsibility, the most potent offering we possess, is gratitude.” When we give thanks for the gifts we have received, we must also acknowledge that there is a Giver.


Wall-Kimmerer continues, “Gratitude is most powerful as a response to the Earth because it provides an opening to reciprocity, to the act of giving back, to living in a way that the Earth will be grateful for us.” What a novel idea – the Earth will be grateful for us!


September’s scripture readings include passages from the book of Jeremiah. Jeremiah was a preaching prophet in Israel, around 600 years before the birth of Christ. His words are difficult to hear and even more difficult to act upon, and yet, his words continue to ring true in the 21st century. He speaks about the reality of the destruction of the planet (Jeremiah 4). He challenges us to reclaim our role as caretakers of creation (Jeremiah 8). And in Chapter 32, Jeremiah gives us hope by relaying God’s message to us: to keep the faith and to invest in the future (our land, natural resources, people and communities).


During this Season of Creation, we have much to learn from Wall-Kimmerer’s indigenous wisdom and Jeremiah’s prophetic wisdom. Both, in their wisdom and their knowledge received from Creator God, ask us to examine and answer the basic and most necessary question, “What can I give in return for the gifts of the Earth?”


For example, when I eat an apple, I give thanks for its sweetness, its juiciness and how it fills me with good things my body needs to thrive. I am grateful. When I’ve finished eating the apple, I throw the core in the compost pile, which in turn makes it into dark, healthy soil, which I then put around the base of my apple trees at the end of each season. Along with gratitude, I am practicing reciprocity. I am giving back to Earth. We are now on the path to creating a new, sustainable and just world for all. Thanks be to God!


Sept Services                                                       

18  Rev. Beth Brehaut     25 Rev. Karen MacLeod-Wilkie


Oct Services

2, 30 Rev. Beth               9, 16, 23 Rev. Karen                


·        September 18th, following the service there will be a social time outside with coffee and muffins.

·        Tuesday, Sept. 20th, 2:00pm a service will be offered at South Shore Villa

·        Service of Celebration of the life of Vernon Inman, Tentative Date: Sunday September 25th 2:30pm at SSUC. All are welcome. 

·        World Communion Sunday Oct.2nd.


Sept. Meetings in Fellowship Room

Sundays 10:00am Choir practice

Tuesday, Sept.20, 2:00pm Anne Unit. Please bring stamped “thinking of you” cards.

Thursday, Sept.22, 7:30pm Finance

Wednesday, Sept.28, 7:30pm Unified Board

          Please have committee reports into Tanya by Sept. 23rd.


Oct. Meetings

Thur., Sept. 20, 2:00pm Pastoral Care



Members of the United Church of Canada join with others in Canada, Bermuda, the Commonwealth, and many other parts of the world in mourning the death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.


Sympathies – Our prayers go out to the families of the victims and the survivors of the James Smith Cree Nation and the nearby village of Weldon, Saskatchewan.  


Rev. Karen Away – September 16-18. Rev. Beth will be available for emergency coverage 902-326-6523.


Student Financial Support - Bursaries available for First Year Students who are members of the United Church. If you have a student who meets these qualifications, contact Ruth at the office for the full information to apply.



Pastoral Coverage 

Michelle Holmes (902-314-4048) and Barb Clement (902-658-2095) will be visiting for the month of September. Richard Boulter (902-658-2062) and Joan MacDougall (902-675-2386) will visit in October. If you or someone you know would like a visit, please call.


Camp Abegweit Annual Fall Fundraiser Dinner

Saturday, September 17th, 6:00pm sit down. (Take-out dinners must be picked up by 4:00pm.) $35/plate. Pork roast dinner, cake auction and classical music. For tickets contact Sharon Howatt 902-432-9193 or email at External link opens in new tab or


External link opens in new tab or windowThursdays in Black - Working Together to End Gender-based Violence in Canada. On Tuesday, September 20, 2022, join us for , an online conversation with spiritual justice advocate Danielle Strickland and Sage Lacerte and David Stevenson from the Moose Hide Campaign. We will discuss how gender-based violence is a critical issue affecting our communities and ways local action can work to stop violence against women in Canada. and click on the Events & Webinars tab.


Wild Church - Thursday Sept. 22nd, 9pm SSUC parking lot. Spirituality and Nature are not separate. Wild Church experiences invite us to reconnect with the sacred in creation and to let nature preach to us, nurture us, delight us, and renew the holy bond that makes us one. Gather round a solstice fire and the wisdom this time of change offers our lives. All are welcome.


This is My Anti-Racist Church – Thurs., Sept. 22nd, 7 – 8:30pm EDT. A speaker led Zoom conversation on visions for an anti-racist denomination. For inquiries contact Sarah Williams: External link opens in new tab or


Autumn Rambles begins September 25th. You can sign up for an individual subscription here: External link opens in new tab or window Join Caroline (from New Zealand) and myself as we walk the streets, beaches, woods, and bush and collect our favourite autumn signs and sightings and share where we see hope in such a time as this.

Food Donations for October will be shared with UPEI students. The following items would be especially helpful: pasta (spaghetti, penne, macaroni), white rice, diced tomatoes, pkgs of seasoning mix (curry, chili, black pepper, garlic), tuna or any canned meats, dry cereal, and boxes of individual oatmeal.


AST’s Camino Nova Scotia - Since 2014, Camino Nova Scotia has "made pilgrimage local." Pilgrimage is spiritual travel for transformation. Camino Nova Scotia pilgrimages are set in our gorgeous Maritime province where anywhere you go, you're never far from the sea. Discover more about your spirituality and about yourself in community as you also discover the Gaelic, Mi’kmaq, and Acadian histories of the Land under your feet. There are 3 pilgrimage walks this Sept. and Oct., first pilgrimage Sept.25 – Oct. 1. For more information go to External link opens in new tab or


The Island Pregnancy Centre offers compassionate care and education for women and men facing unexpected pregnancies. They provide continued care through peer mentoring, support programs and material goods. The Centre is asking churches to partner with them to help them fulfill this mission. A special project underway is the renovating and preparing of PEI's first Mother's Home - Hope House. If you would like to volunteer, donate, or pray for their work you can email


PEI UCW Fall Gathering – Saturday, Oct. 15th, 9:00am at Trinity United Church, Summerside. Registration is $15 due by Oct. 7th.


October Workshop:  At South Shore United we seek to offer opportunities for all ages to receive support and education. This October we will be hosting a workshop for parents, grandparents, youth leaders and all adults who interact with youth. It is an opportunity for us to learn how to create greater connection and acceptance for youth, so they are more likely to accept themselves and know they are acceptable before God. Watch the bulletin, your emails, and our facebook page for details of date and time.  Workshop Leader: Lindsay Law


Are you a photographer? - We're looking for photos of United Churches from all parts of Canada for the 2024 Canadian Church Calendar. External link opens in new tab or windowSubmit your photos by January 15, 2023, for a chance to have them featured in the 2024 Canadian Church Calendar. See flyer at the back of the church, or contact the office for more information or an entry form.



In his beautiful book, “I Shall Not Want,” Robert Ketchum tells of a Sunday School teacher who asked her group of children if anyone could quote the entire 23rd Psalm. A golden-haired, four-and-a-half-year-old girl was among those who raised their hands.

A bit skeptical, the teacher asked if she could really quote the entire psalm.

The little girl came to the front of the room, faced the class, made a perky little bow, and said, “The Lord is my shepherd, that’s all I want.”

She bowed again and went and sat down.

That may well be the greatest interpretation of the 23rd Psalm ever heard.


Shore United Church P.O. Box 4, Crapaud, PE  C0A 1J0 Office: 902-658-2863 External link opens in new tab or        Rev. Karen External link opens in new tab or