November 2021 SSUC Newsletter

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The Honorable Harvest by Fran Albrecht

As I write, the annual potato harvest is winding down. Potato diggers, windrowers, trucks, conveyor belts and tractors are being cleaned and put away until next season. It has been a busy fall, but so far, the weather has been glorious with just enough rain to dampen the fields and soil, minimizing erosion, and stopping the freshly dug potatoes from skinning. We are truly blessed. Another successful harvest is safely tucked away in barns and warehouses to be sorted, graded, cleaned, and shipped to markets near and far. 

Those of us with smaller gardens are doing the same things – pulling, drying, cleaning, and storing the onions, garlic, beans and winter squash. Like farmers generations before us, we save some seeds from our favourite and biggest plants for next season. 

At this time of year, when everything has been harvested and stored away safely, our thoughts turn to the health of our soil. Winter preparations begin. Whether commercial or hobby farmers, weeds are removed (to the best of our ability!!), seaweed or top cover applied so the soil won’t blow away during the cold winter months, and then, kernels of HOPE planted. Hope comes in many shapes and sizes. The biggest cloves of garlic are replanted in veggie gardens before the hard frost sets in. Cloves lie dormant all winter and grow into large garlic bulbs harvested next August. Daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, and other hardy bulbs all hold kernels of HOPE for brilliant, colourful displays next spring.

Robin Kimmerer-Wall in “Braiding Sweetgrass” reminds us of the guidelines for an Honorable Harvest. They are not written down, nor even consistently spoken of, but reinforced in small acts of our daily lives. They go like this:

·         Never take the first (as it may be the last). Never take the last.

·         Take only what you need.

·         Never take more than half. Leave some for others.

·         Harvest in a way that minimizes harm.

·         Use it respectfully, never waste what you have harvested.

·         Share.

·         Give thanks for what you have been given.

·         Give a gift, in reciprocity, for what you have taken.

·         Sustain the ones who sustain you and the earth will last forever.

Kernels of HOPE, thanks be to God.

November Meetings (Fellowship Room)                  November Services

Tues. 2nd, 7:00pm Book Club                                     7  – Larry Hale - Remembrance Day  

Tues. 16th, 2:00pm Anne Unit                                    14 – Rev. Beth Brehaut - Memorial Song Service

Tues. 16th, 7:00pm Book Club                                    21 – Christian Friends           

Tues. 16th, 7:00pm Finance Committee (Office)       28 – Rev. Beth Brehaut - 1st of Advent


Spiritual Nurture

Advent begins the last Sunday of November (28th). If able, please plan to stay after the service and help decorate the sanctuary.

Communion service will be held December 12th.

There will be a Christmas Eve service December 24th at 7:00pm and regular service Sunday the 26th. There will be no Service of Hope and Compassion, Barn Service, or early Christmas Eve service this year.


Covid Regulations Update – As a precautionary measure, you will now have to show proof of vaccination when attending an event or meeting in the Fellowship Room. Masks and social distancing are still required.  Signs are posted as a reminder. If wishing to speak with Ruth in the office, please remain in office doorway. Thank you for understanding.


The South Shore Council of Churches will not be holding a Remembrance Day Service this year. The Kingston Legion will have a small service that will be available on-line.


Pastoral Coverage – Evelyn Stewart (902-964-3476), and Helen Nicholson (902- 658-2324), will be visiting for the month of November. If you would like a visit or know of someone who would like a visit, please call.


We extend our sympathies to Sandra Boulter and Family on the sudden passing of her sister, Lynn MacLeod on October 22, 2021.


UCW Anne Unit

The Anne Unit will be meeting Tuesday 16th at 2pm in the Fellowship Room. We have 9 members and visitors are welcome.

On December 14th at 1 pm, the Anne Unit are planning dinner at Gentleman Jim's Restaurant in Summerside.  If anyone would like to join us for dinner, please call Marge Inman 902-888-7005 or email External link opens in new tab or before December 10th.


Financial Management & Stewardship Committee

We are planning to have our annual fruit sale just before Christmas this year. Details will be given once things are finalised.

Committees, it is time to start thinking about next years budget. These will need to be in by Nov 25. Forms will be sent out shortly.


Trustee & Property

The Trustees and Property committee met on Wednesday evening to review tenders for the roof replacement on the Howatt Memorial and office/Fellowship room areas of the SSUC. After discussion, the Trustees selected MacBeth Bros. Roofing Inc. to install fiberglass shingles along with all other necessary materials and labour; including clean-up, for $21,890.00. The MacBeths provided the lowest quote and more importantly, they were able to commit to the job being done this season and their reputation is very good with members of the Trustees and Property committee.


At the same meeting we welcomed Helen Green and Neal Viger from MPI, to discuss their newest proposal for a possible long term lease relationship with SSUC. MPI presented a drawing of how they would see us “sharing the interior of the building” with more emphasis on each party having our own space, free of overlapping, except we continue to share the kitchen. The Trustees and members of the Property committee had a very good discussion with Helen & Neal and we all benefitted from the ability to ask questions and walk through our building to visualize their proposed changes. The Trustees and Property committee struck a small work group to consider the office and storage requirements that our current congregation has; once that is done, we will put together a proposal to bring to the Unified Board and the congregation. We are aiming to have this information for the Unified Board and the congregation as soon as possible.


Remembrance Day – Merry Pop-Ins and the Tryon Women’s Institute invite you to this year’s Remembrance Day ceremony. Wednesday, November 10th, 10:30am Tryon People’s Cemetery cenotaph. Bring your own chair if required. There will be cookies to share after the ceremony.


Memorial Song Service – Sunday November 14. A recommended donation of $20/request. Please have your request and donation into Ruth at the office by Nov. 7. See list below of available songs. Donations will go towards the New Projector Fund.


Congregational Hymns:                                                               Anthems:

A Light is Gleaming                                                     #82                  Above the Voices of the World

Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound                       #266                Brother James Air

Breath on Me Breath of God                                      #382                Come Touch Our Hearts

Great Is thy Faithfulness                                             #288                For Everything There is a Time          

How Great Thou Art                                                    #238                God Leads Us Along

I See a New Heaven                                                    #713                In My Heart There Rings a Melody

I, The Lord of Sea and Sky                                           #509                On Eagle’s Wings 

In the Bulb                                                                  #703                River

In the Garden                                                              #23                  The Earth Is the Lord’s

(Songs of the Gospel)                                                                          Will You Come and Follow Me

Jesus You Have come to the Lakeshore                      #563   

Let Us Build a House                                                   MV #1

Precious Lord, Take My Hand                                     #670

River                                                                            MV 2   

Shall We Gather at the River                                      #710

We Shall Go Out With Hope of Resurrection             #586   

What a Friend We Have in Jesus                                 #664   

When Morning Gilds the Sky                                      #339

Here I am Lord                                                                        #509