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Reflection by Jack Sorensen

“The Road Not Taken”


I’m sure everyone is familiar with this poem by Robert Frost, and I don’t need to reprint the words here. In essence a traveler had reached a crossroad and picked for his journey the road most wanted to be used.


Many times, while travelling from Charlottetown (or other places) we take the back roads home. Many of these narrow roads seem less travelled, meandering through wooded areas, rutted, and with steep banks on both sides. The roads may want for wear too - old roads which have stood the test of time but still useful for special reasons.


One of the things we notice when travelling is the placement of homes so far back from the roads. No doubt this observation relates to the fact that many of these homes were built in the days before motor vehicles became common. When travelling by horse and sleigh or wagons it really didn’t matter how far from the road you were.


The byroads have many other surprises. You might come across a freshwater spring along the bank with a tub underneath and you can guess its use as a convenient watering place in days gone by. And in the thickets along the roadside various wildlife scurries along not used to vehicles intruding on their habitat.


The idea is that one can miss things by always taking conventional routes which are more geared to speed and efficiency. But what do we learn from that other than we always seem to be in a hurry?

We can make the analogy of less travelled roads to our way of thinking. If we always travel by the most popular and travelled routes, we might just miss other opportunities. Travelling (thinking) by another way often provides opportunities for creative ideas which can be applied to more efficient and effective ways of doing things.


In our church we are learning from this analogy. On our charge we have 149 families, and in our Facebook group we show 169 members. That’s a lot of people served by one congregation, and in various ways it is obvious they all have a connection with what we do. Sometimes we get bogged down in what we see as poor church attendance. Instead, we should celebrate the impact we make in the community with outreach and making our presence known in other community activities. Our church is a professional organization with volunteers fitting in to jobs related to their own personal skills and abilities. Our specialty is the area of spiritual help and guidance, working side by side with other community agencies so that the needs of each individual is administered in a holistic manner. In this manner we become more like Jesus who operated among the crowds rather than a temple. Having Merry Pop-Ins as a tenant is an excellent example of our outreach and effective use of building.


Most people have a connection or affiliation with our church in an official manner, such as baptism, membership, or as an adherent. We become respected in the community and feel a sense of worth when we meet the needs of these people, and they seek us out when they need help. That has become our target.

We have taken the road less traveled by, and that has made the difference.

October Meetings (Fellowship Room)

Wed. 6th, 2:00pm Pastoral Care

Wed. 6th, 7:00pm Search Committee

Tues. 19th, 2:00pm Anne Unit

Tues. 19th, 7:00pm Book Club


October Services

10 – Judy Corey                                  17 – Rev. Beth Brehaut

24 – Jack & Arlene Sorensen             31 – Rev. Beth Brehaut


Pastoral Coverage - Richard Boulter (902-658-2062), and Heather Dixon (902- 439-0735), will be visiting for the month of October. If you would like a visit or know of someone who would like a visit, please call.


The committee was pleased to receive a grant for a new defibrillator which will be arriving soon.


South Shore Food Bank – We will continue to collect items for the foodbank. Please leave donations in the basket at the back of the sanctuary.


Sympathies – We extend our sympathies to Garth and Joan Rogerson on the passing of Joan’s sister, Audrey Livingstone.


Everett Howatt Jr., of Willowshade Farm on Tryon Point Road, will be turning 100 years old  October 24th. Many of us knew Everett, Betty, King and Roseanne from our many memorable visits to the farm for strawberries, apples and veggies. He now lives at the South Shore Villa. Visits are limited, it would be wonderful if you could send him a birthday card. 

South Shore Villa   159 Sherwood Forest Dr, Crapaud, PE C0A 1J0


Financial Management & Stewardship Committee

The committee has been able to meet regularly during Covid-19 restrictions. Social and fundraiser functions are still on hold, but we will be able to have our annual fruit sale in late November. Watch the bulletin for details.

The church’s financial standing, currently, is favourable. With three forms of giving (weekly envelopes, PAR and E-transfers) the finances are running smoothly. Thanks to everyone for keeping their giving up even when unable to attend due to number of people allowed per service. We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.


Search Committee

We are still meeting regularly and are hopeful that good news will come our way.


Trustee & Property

At the Unified Board Meeting on Sunday Frank MacDonald reported on behalf of the Trustees and Property committee that the roof on the Howatt Memorial and new addition (all roofing that runs north south) needs to be replaced. Recently during heavy rains, we had significant leaking into the accessible washroom on at least two occasions. Last week, Frank & Eric met with MacBeth Brothers Roofing for inspection & measurement and we are waiting for their quote. At this point, the Trustee’s estimate the cost will be well over $20K. Frank presented a duly moved & seconded motion from the Trustees & Property committee for the Unified Board to commit the funding necessary to complete this job and the Trustees asked for permission to proceed with the job as soon as further quotes are received, then selected and contractors become available.


Next Frank reported on a recent request from Helen & Neal of Merry Pop-Ins (MPI) to extend the Lease agreement between SSUC and MPI for the year May 14, 2022, to May 14, 2023. Frank presented a duly moved & seconded motion from the Trustees & Property committee recommending that the Unified Board agree to a further one year extension of the Lease; conditional that the Rental terms are updated to reflect the increased space being used by MPI and their monthly rental rate increased accordingly, and that all other terms of the Lease adhered to; including MPI being 100% responsible for heating & electricity costs that exceed $1,200 per month; as well as the 2% rental increase on the anniversary date.


The Trustees & Property committee greatly appreciate the Unified Board’s support on these important issues for the South Shore United Church building.

Scott Howatt


Book Study Group

Starting October 5th (2x month)

Tuesday evenings in the Fellowship room, 7:00 pm.


Braiding Sweetgrass, by Robin Wall Kimmerer.

As a leading researcher in the field of biology, and as an active

member of the Potawataomi First Nation, author Ms Wall Kimmerer

relates to the world with a way of knowing far older than any science.

In her book "Braiding Sweetgrass", she reveals a path towards healing

the growing rift between people and nature.

If this is the first time you are considering joining the bookstudy

group, "Welcome". We are a group that has been meeting for four years.

Please come for the first meeting and see what it is like. No need to

purchase the book – just come. If you have any questions please email

me (Helen) at External link opens in new tab or windowhwgnlv@gmail.com

The book can be bought at Indigo in Charlottetown or ordered online.


Booking space in the church building:  a reminder to those individuals and groups who need to book space in the church building for meetings/events:

At the Unified Board meeting of November 2019, it was agreed that SSUC would follow government guidelines as per charities. Therefore, when renting space in the church to members/adherents and those not associated with the church, there is only one fee. (There is not a fee for people who support our church and a different fee for people who do not.) No donation receipts will be given as it is a rental fee. The Office Administrator, Ruth Boulter looks after the booking and fees associated with renting space at SSUC and informing the Custodian, Building Attendant and Richard Boulter, who looks after the COVID 19 restrictions. Please forward any requests to Ruth Boulter.


For a Laugh

My 3yr old was told she could not go out again and she asked if it was because of the corona pirates…….

I said yes.