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May Newsletter 2020

A Reflection From Rev. Karen
“Peace is flowing like a river, flowing out through you and me, spreading out into the desert, setting all the captives free.” This camp song is one I learned many years ago and it reminds me that God’s peace and help is not offered through any one person but through all of us! I am so grateful for the dedicated ministry of so many within our congregation. Your phone calls, porch visits, deliveries, cards and email messages offered to each other, communicate a care that is so important through the isolation of the past two months. As we move forward into a lessening of restrictions, emotions can still be very difficult to manage. While some may be excited, others may feel anxiety. While some may be returning to work, others may be facing a lack of employment. Whatever may be forefront in our hearts and minds right now, the support we offer continues to be significant in spreading a little bit of peace.

Pandemic Update
In care for our people and in keeping with our provincial guidelines, our church building is closed for meetings or worship until it is safe for us to be together again. This does not mean our church is closed, for our church is our people and we are still connecting with each other for study, for prayer, for worship and pastoral care, but in new ways.
To support those returning to work and needing childcare, Merry Pop-Ins will re-open May 25th following provincial guidelines and with a reduced intake.
The Unified Board established a committee to work toward the re-opening of the building in the future. Guidelines will be established in accordance with provincial requirements and our National United Church recommendations.

Financial Update
Thank you for the many ways you choose to give to SSUC. With reduced in-person worship times, we have seen a drop of close to $4000 in our usual offering intake to the end of April 2020. Although we are using less heat and electricity many of our costs are fixed. All of our usual fundraising income for March through May has been lost ($4700). At this point, charitable organizations only qualify for the salary subsidies from our government. We will receive this as part of May’s income, for which we are grateful. In addition, our Unified Board has applied for a $10,000 from our National Church. We have had to rely on our extra funds, such as the Building Fund in order to pay our bills recently. Therefore, your ongoing support is critical in keeping our congregation running.
Sometimes life’s agenda takes over our best-laid plans. With PAR, you don’t have to worry about writing a cheque or forgetting to donate because life has thrown you a curveball, like Covid-19! By signing up for PAR, pre-authorized remittance, you make a clear statement of what is important to you. You offer our community of faith the peace of mind that comes with knowing your help is stable and reliable. It’s really easy. If you would like to join those sharing their offering through PAR please call Cindy at the office 902-658-2863 or our envelop steward Bev Noonan 902-439-2352.

Pastoral Care

There have been several deaths within our church congregation and community. Some families may hold graveside services during the summer, when numbers allow. Others may choose memorial
celebrations for a later date. We remember those who have died and we continue to offer our prayerful support to all who are grieving at this time.
Our pastoral care committee is keeping in phone contact with the people on our congregational listing. Through our calls we seek to maintain our care for our church family. Although Rev. Karen is working from home, I am never further than a phone call away. Please let me know if you need a phone or porch visit: 902-940-6349.

Worship experiences continue to be offered through our church’s facebook group (a place we can respond and share our thoughts with one another) or you can search for our services on youtube – just type in South Shore United Church PEI. If you do not have access to the internet and would like a script of the service, please contact Rev. Karen. Occasional midweek meditations or reflections will also be offered. June 7th is the United Church 95th Anniversary Sunday, so we will celebrate communion together again through our online worship.

Memorial Song Service
To help us remember loved ones and to share the uplifting gift of music, we will hold a Memorial Song Service in a slightly different way this year. We have recordings several years back of hymn requests, choir anthems, solos and duets. If you would like to remember a loved one through song, the recommended donation is $20 per request, which can be dropped off to the church office. Cindy and Rev. Karen have a listing of songs from which you can make a selection. All donations will go to the general fund to support our financial commitments during the pandemic.

Ministry and Personnel
The Ministry and Personnel Committee shared with the Unified Board on May 7th, 2020 that they will be hiring Ruth Boulter to fulfill the Office Administrator’s position when Cindy retires. The exact date of this transition will be announced in our next newsletter.

Our leadership through Trustees on building and lease matters, Finance, Unified Board all continue to provide their guidance through phone and email correspondence. Our lease with Merry Pop-Ins has been renewed for one additional year. Our Congregational Profile Committee is continuing with its work and intends to have the profile completed by the end of June. The next stage will be the forming of a Search Committee. As mentioned in the previous newsletter, Rev. Karen has deferred her retirement until Dec. 31, 2020.
Thank you to all of those who continue to lead in new ways.

Honouring our Graduates
At this time we are asking for names of students who graduate this year from high school and post-secondary studies. For high school students, please tell us their name, high school, and if possible, what they will be doing when they graduate (this helps the church office follow the students through post-secondary schools). For those graduating from post-secondary studies, please give us their name and name of degree/diploma/certificate. We will share their names in the June Newsletter.

Thank you for your generosity and your continued support of the ministry we share together.
Continue to help keep our Island safe and well by practicing social distancing and care of one another.