Jesus called the twelve disciples together and gave them authority and sent them out to preach and to heal.  (Luke 9: 1-2)

Healing marked the ministry of all the apostles and was a vital expression of care offered by early Christians to one another. (Healing From The Heart, Rochelle Graham, Flora Litt, Wayne Irwin)

South Shore United Church through the Unified Board approved that Healing Ministry be a part of the ministry Rev. Dr. Karen MacLeod-Wilkie offers through this congregation. (May 22, 2008) As other individuals have become trained in this field, the Board approved that those with a minimum of Phase 1, working in teams, may share in this ministry.(September 24,2014)  

What is Healing Ministry?

In a healing session, touch and prayer are offered with the intent to facilitate healing, inviting God’s love and spirit to work through the encounter to assist the individual in moving toward wholeness, emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally.


The Healing Pathway Program was developed by Rochelle Graham through the Naramata Centre of the United Church of Canada, and worked under direction from the Centre until 2015.  The Program now operates under the Incorporated Healing Pathway Society, and is offered as a ministry within over 100 congregations across Canada. The Society offers various phases of training, by qualified Instructors, at various sites across Canada.

A Few Definitions

Health - is a fluid experience of wholeness, of balance and harmony.  It is a continuous process involving the ongoing interplay between the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and relational aspects of the self.  It is affected also by an individual’s environment, family, social milieu, national and global scene, and with nature itself.

Illness- is a lack of balance, lack of harmony, lack of wholeness.

Healing - is a process, guided by God, to restore balance and wholeness of body, mind and spirit, not only within the individual but also within relationships, community and creation.

Healer - is a person who learns and practices necessary skills so s/he may be an instrument for the power and potential of God’s healing to work through them.

Energy Field - in many cultures knowledge of the body’s energetic patterns and life forces have been described since ancient times.  By the 20th century this became scientific fact.  Every cell of our bodies and in nature is surrounded by an electrodynamic field or life force.  A healer is able to detect, through touch or sight, imbalances or blockages in the energy field.

Touch and Energy Based Treatments - are a contemporary form of ancient healing practices such as Jesus used in the laying on of hands as a focus to facilitate healing.  The healer, being open and connected to God through prayer, uses touch to assess, clear, and re-balance a client’s energy field.  Scientific study has shown the use of touch to be effective in relieving pain, promoting relaxation, and enabling the body to self-heal through the balancing of energies.


Touch and prayer based healing sessions are not meant to replace regular medical treatment.  These sessions are offered as an extra help in your healing journey.

A Commitment of Care & Confidentiality

In offering healing ministry at South Shore United Church we assure anyone who comes to us that we will maintain confidentiality in our interactions.  We covenant with you to offer the best of care possible, with God’s help, through our prayerful efforts and the practice of our skills.

When do I come for a healing session?

You may come anytime.  You do not need to be “unwell”. Prevention is the key!  Regular healing sessions help maintain and strengthen your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Particular times a healing session might be helpful:  before or after surgery; when coping with an illness; times of stress or anxiety; in times of transition; any time!

How do I book a healing session?

Please call the office 658-2863 to speak directly with Rev. Dr. Karen MacLeod-Wilkie or call our Healing Co-Ordinator Deborah Walsh 902-620-8423 to arrange a session.  We have a room at the church which is available through the week for healing work.  We  also offer evening sessions biweekly. Watch the bulletin for specific dates. Rev. Karen’s healing table is also portable so she can visit with you in your home if that is preferable.

Learning More About Healing Ministry

Through a generous donation made to South Shore United Church’s Healing Ministry we will have some books and resources available for anyone interested in exploring this work in more depth.  Also feel free to speak with Rev. Karen anytime about this aspect of her ministry.

Giving Back - What do I pay?

Many people like to be able to express their gratitude for the time and attention offered them in a healing session. One way to do this is to make a financial donation to South Shore United Church to support this ongoing ministry. To receive a charitable donation receipt simply place a cheque or cash in an envelope on which you indicate your name and address.